About Monique Alvarez
How I went from sacrificing international volunteer to starting a business school, traveling full time, and enjoying true freedom!
Before there was a woman on a mission to build a million dollar brand, before exotic trips to Sveti Stefan and Santorini, there was a wild adventurer who is hard-wired for travel and fun.

Ready to save the world.

Unaware that she had to save herself and give up measuring up to anyone in her family. 

By believing in herself and her mission to the fullest extent. 

And by pairing her spiritual gifts with her natural knack for business.
Malaria, Newlywed, & Figuring it out as I went…
While I was seen as fearless in my ability to work with the poorest of the poor in countries like Myanmar, Albania, and Kenya; my shift from living abroad as a volunteer to being the CEO of my own business was anything but easy.

When Derek and I took the leap into business, I was still recovering from contracting the deadliest strain of malaria

We were newlyweds and we were working together with no safety net… Getting weekly overdraft fees, working long hours, and having no prospects in sight for the first three months made for some anxiety-filled days.
About the time we started getting clients and making money I realized, I DON’T WANT TO GIVE UP ON MY DREAM OF FULL-TIME TRAVEL!
The first four years were rough.
Every win was met with an even bigger challenge. We would get a batch of clients… only to find out they didn’t want us to travel and the whole reason we started the business was so we had that freedom.

We had a thriving “local business”, but in my heart of hearts, I knew I couldn’t continue the breakneck pace of living in the U.S. 

The American lifestyle was taking it’s toll on me and all I wanted was to get back to enjoying a simpler, slower way of life and start a family.

What was more painful was that no one seemed to understand my desires.

They didn’t make sense. They weren’t justified. Plenty of people told me, I had to pick and choose… I had to grow up and be realistic.

My choices didn’t appear to be sound.

I wanted clients and a business, but I didn’t want a clientele that told me what kind of person I could be or what kind of life I could live.
So I made a bold move.
By moving my family to Mexico when my babies were only one and two years old, I learned that travel does not distract me from success… No, in fact, it is a necessary component to my best life.
By being happier, more fulfilled, and by honoring who I really am, then I could empower my clients to choose this for themselves.

The second I stopped compromising and accepted the totality of who I am… business woman, mother, and traveler… everything began to click into place.

I created programs that sold out, I doubled the size of my Business School, I wrote a book that spoke straight to the hearts of women like myself.
I discovered how to work 3-4 hours a day so that I wouldn’t have to miss those important moments in my sons’ lives. 
A huge added bonus was I began attracting salt-of-the-earth women who loved learning how they too could leverage technology to build their businesses in a way that would make more money in less time and create freedom!

How did I make such a breakthrough?

By once and for all saying yes to every desire of my heart and eliminating anyone who could not be supportive.

By believing in myself and my mission to the fullest extent.
And by pairing my spiritual gifts with my natural knack for business.
Over the years, I have gained the reputation for tuning in and taking inspired daily action.
I don't learn from books and programs as much as I learn from my spiritual practice
Mastery comes when we dedicate ourselves to our craft. 

I ignite the fire within women that mobilizes them into action. I show them how to honor who they are in order to attract their dream clients. Yes, I show them how to make money, but more important I show them how to have time to enjoy their money

I show women that we all get to define success for ourselves. It doesn't mean working like a man, ignoring your intuition, being who you're not... It doesn't mean kissing your marriage goodbye, missing out on time with your kids, or losing your health to the hustle. 
If you are ready to make the leap from who you were to who you can be, it's time!
Transcend your story, your past, and small living. 

It's time to own your divine nature and learn how to shake your money maker and be compensated for the sacred work you do in the world

Let's weave business and spirituality and see how bright you can shine
If you're ready to shift from business as usual to holy business, I'd love to sit down and have a chat
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